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In Charleston, everything from the cobblestones to the iron gates has a story to tell and we pride ourselves on showcasing these historic sites. Take a ferry to Fort Sumter and stand exactly where the Civil War began. Tour one of our expertly preserved plantations and mansions. There is history everywhere so be sure to take time to take it all in. The oldest and second-most populous city in South Carolina is Charleston, which serves as the county's official seat. Many of its proud residents like to explain that it is located where “where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers come together to form the Atlantic Ocean.” Charleston is known all over the world for its appeal, which comes from its preserved history, its natural beauty, its hospitable residents, its amazing restaurants, and more. Charleston’s Downtown, 4 to 5 square miles in area, continues to attract a diverse array of visitors from throughout America and the world. Demand for housing, priced among the highest in the Lowcountry because of its limited availability, continues to increase for all the right reasons. Living in Downtown Charleston has remarkable appeal to people of all ages.


There is no place quite like Downtown Charleston. The region features a unique blend of historic preservation and new development, displayed in its cobblestone walkways and eerie cemeteries, buzzy nightlife, and sophisticated art galleries. Its unique brand of Southern style shines in the bespoke boutiques that line downtown's King Street, while Southern hospitality radiates from the award-winning dining establishments. The areas overflow with entertainment and good food and the low country locale is gorgeous. Although summers are hot and humid, the rest of the year features pleasant temperatures that allow the residents to soak in the area’s scenery. With a handful of beaches within the striking distance, Charlestonians can have a commonplace activity day at the shore. Whether it's Spanish moss dangling from oak trees or the smell of shrimp and grits wafting downtown, Charleston is sure to charm you. If you have kids, then you know how important it is for them to receive a quality education. Finding a great school system is one of the biggest things that families look for when moving to a new city. Luckily, South Carolina’s Lowcountry is home to some of the best schools in the state where the count comes to more than 30 private schools. Some of the famous schools from them are:

  1. Charleston Collegiate School, Johns Island, SC
  2. Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC
  3. Ashley Hall School
  4. Charles Towne Montessori School
  5. Palmetto Christian Academy